What Has Your Website Done for You Lately?

If you’re like most small businesses online, the answer to above question is probably “not much”. The large majority of small businesses online have basic websites with a little information about them and a way to contact them. If you’re trying to generate leads online, that’s simply not enough.

The core concept behind my lead generation marketing service is to attract more targeted visitors and encourage them to take action on your website. Here are some examples of actions that are considered to be part of lead generation:

Who Can Benefit from Online Lead Generation?

Just about anyone can benefit from getting more leads to their website in some way. Typically, those who get the most value out of lead generation are businesses looking to get targeted leads that will eventually convert into sales. Some examples include:

What does Lead Generation Marketing Include?

Any lead generation marketing campaign is custom-tailored to the specific business that it’s serving. The direction of a campaign targeted to a regional law firm is going to have a different spin than one targeted to a local electrician. There are, however, core services that form the backbone of every campaign which include:

Wanted: Local Services

The large majority of small businesses looking to benefit from lead generation online will be focusing on only certain geographic locations.

The web has changed over the years from a central depository of information to one focused more on specific niches in certain locations. People are going online and search for services in their state, city or even neighborhood. To compete in local search, your website needs to be extremely focused on the search terms people are looking for and in the locales that they’re searching.

Local internet marketing and the process of generating local web leads is much more focused than a broad, national campaign. It requires zeroing in on specific counties, cities, zip codes and even neighborhoods through search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising management and even some social media.