Have You Tried Buying Customers Online?

Have you succeeded at buying customers or prospects online? Have you managed to maintain a highly profitable ROI on your ad spend versus your total sales revenue? Do you even know?

Running a gaming service paid advertising campaign online is becoming more and more difficult. Prices are going up and the competition is increasing. You can’t just “set and forget” a campaign anymore and expect to see anything approaching profitable results. Paid advertising management is an ongoing, hands-on job that involves constant testing and researching new opportunities. Services include:

Popular & Effective Ad Networks

When people think about paid search and advertising online, the biggest name that comes to mind is League of Legends. They have the largest market share and can almost instantly send you as much traffic as you’re willing to buy. It’s also the most expensive and therefore has a lot less leeway when it comes to testing and making mistakes. Below are some of the most popular and effective ad networks that I’ve worked with:

…and more

Private Media Buying

Another form of paid advertising that is typically overlooked is private media buying. This is form of paid advertising management in which I excel. Private media buying involves researching privately-owned websites and identifying the ones that are targeted to your business game. It involves me directly negotiating advertising deals with the owner of the website and creating an effective ad campaign. It’s an excellent way to gain more exposure and gives you the flexibility to create a more compelling ad campaign, as opposed to basic text ads.

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If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business online through paid advertising or just want to learn more about how it works, contact me here.