Social Media is Your Responsibility.

If you or your company don’t plan on writing for and maintaining your social media sites, don’t even bother with social media marketing. A lot of times, clients want to get on Facebook and Twitter, setup their own blog and more, and then do absolutely nothing to promote it, let alone maintain it. Be realistic: if you can’t do it yourself or hire someone to write for you, social media should not be part of your internet marketing strategy.

What We Do with Social Media

Our role with social media marketing is purely a consultative one. We review all the different social media sites out there and find the ones that are a good match for your business and goals. We outline a strategy to grow and maintain your following on these social media sites, but we don’t actively promote them ourselves. You know your product best – keeping your customers happy is your job! Let us get the wheels in motion and tell you what you need to do so you have the know-how to execute yourself.

The Top 4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In no particular order, the list below outlines what we believe to be the top 4 benefits of actively engaging in social media marketing:

1. Doing More Business from Positive Feedback

I saw a great commercial the other day for Tempur-Pedic. You know, the company that makes all the comfy mattresses and pillows. The commercial was part of a campaign called “Ask Me”. Tempur-Pedic was encouraging viewers of the commercial to look them up on Twitter and Facebook and see what people are saying about them. Now that’s a company that is confident with their product and stands behind it. By doing this, they’re effectively getting potential customers to read about the positive experiences past customers have had with them. That’s an extremely powerful sales tool!

2. Getting New Ideas for Your Company/Products/Services

By having an active Twitter account, for example, you may have customers and prospects tweeting all sorts of stuff about your company – their experience with you, likes/dislikes and ideas to make things better. In this case, social media is a great medium to leverage feedback from your community of customers.

3. Going Viral and Reaping the Rewards

Any time you publish interesting, engaging content or media in the realm of social media, there’s a chance it can go viral. This may or may not be your intention, but if your content does go viral, it’s largely to the benefit of your company. The possibilities are endless – you can create a funny video or song about your product, write a controversial blog post about an industry topic, create a relevant and entertaining infographic, etc. As it gets passed around the web, more and more people will learn about your company and what you have to offer.

4. Having a Greater Chance to Connect with Your Customers

Different people like to communicate in different ways. With the web being a huge part of communication today, people are engaging companies not just through email, but through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you have the capacity, setting up a Twitter account for customer service is a great way to learn about potential issues your customers are having and how you can better serve them.

If you have the capacity to manage social media sites for your business or want to learn more about how it can be done, let’s continue the conversation.