Your Website is a FAIL.

Okay, that may be a little harsh, but I know there are plenty of things you’re doing wrong with your website. This doesn’t mean you should fire your marketing department or quit the business altogether; it doesn’t even necessarily mean you’re doing a bad job. It just means there’s a lot more you can do to optimize the performance of your website.

What’s a Website Analysis?

A website analysis is a complete audit of your website – its design, visibility and functionality. The analysis is used to identify areas of improvement for a website and give specific instructions on how to carry out the recommendations. It’s ideal for a business who hasn’t updated their website in a long time, but has some significant traffic going to it, or for a business that is in the market for a redesign. It’s always better to get the analysis done before you go into a redesign – this way the company that ultimately builds your new site will have an effective outline from which to work.

To get a little more into specifics, I’ve outlined some of the areas of review:

If you contact me, we can have a casual conversation about some general areas of improvement I see within your website.